Solar powered charging for our various electronic devices these days are starting to be more and more common. In fact Nokia has been exploring solar charging on their phones and Samsung has come up with a solar-powered netbook. Voltaic is no stranger to the solar-powered scene, having come up with a laptop bag that comes attached with solar panels that allow charging on the go, and now Voltaic looks to add to their lineup with the Spark Tablet Case.


The Spark Tablet Case is a thin and padded case that is designed to house your iPad or any other tablet, and it is reported that the case will be able to generate 8-watts of power in sunlight. A full charge for your iPad will take about 10 hours which while seems pretty long, at least you know that it will be able to charge anywhere where there is sunlight available. Alternatively if your iPad is full on battery, the Spark Tablet Case will also be able to store power in a universal battery pack which can be charged via solar or USB, for those “just in case” moments.

The Spark Tablet Case is also made out of waterproof fabric and weighs a hefty 2.5 pounds including the solar panels and battery, and will set you back $299 and additional battery packs will cost $99. You can place your order by heading to Voltaic’s website.

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