If you’re a gamer, doesn’t matter console or PC you would have probably come across various designs of game pads ranging from cheap imitation knock offs to collector editions for certain games. Generally speaking those collector edition game pads are probably a lot more comfortable and practical to use and hold compared to the “Warrior” Monster USB PC game pad.

We’ll have to admit though that while the “Warrior” Monster game pad may be more of a novel concept rather than a practical one, it does look pretty good! The details are pretty intricate and the eyes of the skull actually light up in green when plugged into your computer. If you’re a fan of collecting gadgets and peripherals of samurai monsters or just interesting looking things in general than perhaps this may be more suited for you than it would be a gamer.

With all the sharp edges and bumps we can only imagine that playing games on this particular game pad will be anything but comfortable but if you do want to use it for gaming it does support power feedback from certain games and supports operating systems running Win98/WinMe/Win2000/Win XP/Vista/Win7.

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