Many of your favorite websites and blogs will soon have the ability to host virtual reality content. WordPress is a platform that powers many popular blogs and websites, it has confirmed today that WordPress.com hosted websites are getting support for virtual reality content. Sites will be able to support 360 degree videos and photos which visitors will be able to view on mobile, desktop, and via virtual reality headsets.

The virtual reality experience provided by WordPress.com websites is going to vary based on the device being used to visit the website. For example, on a desktop browser, viewers will be able to click and drag to change the perspective in a 360 degree video or photo. It’s similar to how 360 degree content already works on YouTube and Facebook.

Those who use a virtual reality headset to access the content will receive a proper experience, the photo or video will move depending on how they move their head, providing them with a more immersive virtual reality experience.

The experience is going to be a bit different on mobile devices. WordPress will leverage the smartphone or tablet’s gyroscope to enable the content to respond to how the device is being moved.

VR support for WordPress.com blogs is rolling out today, the platform powers websites and blogs that receive more than 409 million visitors every single month, so it’s opening up VR to quite a lot of people today.

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