Don’t you wish you had a hole to crawl to sometimes in life? Perhaps, as the everyday rigors of office work might end up being rather stressful for many people. Singles are better off in this aspect since they can have their personal time outs without having to meet with anyone, but those who are married or have a family will find this to be much harder to achieve. Perhaps when everyone is able to afford one of these conceptual Amniotik personal relaxation capsules, things might just change.


Coming in the form of an egg that might make one wonder whether he/she will be stepping back into the womb, Noela Leis’ concept will send you to a truly tranquil world, sporting an interactive touch screen inside that lets you choose the kind of “treatment” you would like to receive. Inside would be a gel seat, an oxygen mask and a supple feeding tube to boot. No idea if they have a version for “twins”?

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