Now here is a device that is not only green, it looks extremely stylish. “Chameleon”, as it is called,  might seem to be a scooter at first glance, but if you decide to take a different approach in traveling from point A to point B, just drop the telescopic handles down, and fold it up into the body of the Chameleon, riding it all the way to your destination on an electric skateboard instead. 


Designer Steve Sangik Lee decided that this was the best way to push the scooter forward in terms of evolution, since it would be far more versatile than a traditional model, and would be a whole lot more convenient to use to get around urban areas.

The concept might take some time in hitting the reality phase, although we are not even sure that that would happen eventually. Hopefully someone who is an angel investor would see the potential of the Chameleon scooter and decide to throw his/her millions into producing it.

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