We know that in this digital age, our data is more sensitive than ever before – although it is also a whole lot easier to make a backup of. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci back in his day, requiring to make a back up of his ideas and notes? Instead of writing copies of them all over again (with the risk of making a mistake), he could just copy the digital files over to the Clickfree C6 backup drive, no?


This solution is touted to be capable of holding backups for as many PCs as required, as long as there is adequate space, of course. Mac users might want to give this a miss, as it seems to function just with Windows 7, Vista and XP platforms (sorry Windows 98 users, you will have to give this a miss). Even better is, the C6 requires juice from a solitary USB port, so you need not free up another power outlet nearby. 

The Clickfree C6 is smart enough to let you categorize the kind of files which you want to back up, helping it be as dummy proof as possible. Available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities, the Clickfree C6 will retail for $140, $180 and $180, respectively.

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