If you’re sick of having to plug and unplug various hard drives and thumb drives from your computer, and you would like a more wireless/cloud storage based system set up in your own home, LaCie has debuted their LaPlug, which is essentially LaCie’s answer to the PogoPlug, so if you’re looking for an alternative solution, perhaps the LaPlug might have something different to offer you.

Basically getting the LaPlug up and running is a rather simple affair and all the user would have to do is connect the device to their home network. The LaPlug will also feature four USB 2.0 ports, three in the back and one in the front for quick access and swapping. LaCie is also claiming that the LaPlug can be used to stream music to computers running iTunes, and a custom web address can be set up to allow friends/family/colleagues to access certain files remotely.

It even comes with wireless backup software for the PC while Mac users will be able to use Time Machine together with the LaPlug to backup their computers wirelessly. The LaCie LaPlug is expected to retail for $75 and should be made available on LaCie’s website soon.

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