HTC logoWhile HTC is still under fire from Apple due to alleged patent infringement, it doesn’t look like the Taiwanese manufacturer is letting those problems get in the way of its business. It has been recently reported that HTC has purchased a Seattle company named Dashwire. Known for developing a platform that lets users back up data created on their phones to the cloud, Dashwire will become a subsidiary of HTC. HTC will be integrating Dashwire’s technology into its own cloud services.

This means that users will soon be able to have access to functions like accessing their phone’s contacts, text messages, calendar entries, call log, photos, videos and voicemail messages – without having to check their phone – they can just use the computer. Text messages can also be sent and received in this way.

With the use of this service, it looks like your day won’t have to be ruined if you do leave your phone at home one day. You’ll still be able to use most of your phone’s features without even having it by your side. Talk about useful. No word on when Dashwire will finally be integrated with but we can’t wait.

It’s additional services like these that manufacturers should focus on providing, instead of changing the UIs and slapping bloatware onto a phone and calling it “customization” to differentiate its phones from another manufacturer’s.

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