Plaxo Study

Plaxo, the company behind – the world’s leading online address book has recently released the results of a study it performed, which brought to light some interesting findings. According to its study, 55% of people cited that the biggest hassle with a lost phone is the replacement of contacts. Which seems fair enough, seeing how most people aren’t using smartphones yet, and they don’t have their contacts backed up in the cloud. And considering 1 out of every 3 people lose or damage their phones (19% drop them in the toilet) – backing up contacts to the cloud should be something that everybody does.


Unfortunately not everybody does it, despite them valuing their contacts from $500 to priceless – only 32% of them were likely to backup contacts from their smartphone to the cloud. With people placing so much value on their contacts, it makes you wonder why not every uses a cloud-based service to keep their contacts safe? Could it be the lack of understanding of how to use the cloud? Or that people are unaware such services exist? I guess that’s probably why Plaxo released this study to increase awareness. Anyway there are plenty of interesting facts, as evident by the infographic. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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