When it comes to dog owners, most of them are responsible enough to make sure their four legged friends are well taken care of, given the best food and care possible, not to mention bringing them out for their daily walk. When walking in public places, some dogs love sniffing around, and doing their “business” in certain places such as at the foot of a tree or at a fire hydrant. The right thing to do after that is to clean up after the dog, but some folks decide to leave the deed just there, and someone else might accidentally step on it.


If only the Doggy Poop Collector concept was made available in the real world, then perhaps the lazy owners who can’t be bothered to pick up after their own dog might do so. This unique leash is also a poop scoop which has been cleverly designed to remain “hidden” in the leash’s handle, summoned only when you need to use it. Of course, this might mean a rather stinky leash holder at the end of your walk with Fido, so make sure you wash it after each use!

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