Think you’re rich just because you splashed $1,000 on an app that does nothing? Well, perhaps upping the ante seven and a half times might do you some good (and cause a heart attack to your accountant at the same time), as $7,500 will net you an Elite750 premium email address. No idea on why they settled for the $7,500 ceiling, but this exclusive group of people who purchase an email that ends with would definitely be folks who have money to burn. After all, they have signed up with “the world’s first provider of exclusive email accounts”, where each email account needs maintenance as well to the tune of $750 per month.

The exclusivity level does not stop there – it is open to only 750 members worldwide, where additional services include email archiving and printout, stuff that your regular email already provides. Money can’t get you everything too you know, as the number of accounts each country are limited, and the quota varies from country to country. So far, applications for the Bahrain, Malaysia, Germany, Monaco, Gibraltar, Argentina, Uruguay, The Bahamas, and Switzerland are no longer available as the country quota has been reached.

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