snailmailemailWhen was the last time that you actually received a mail in your physical mailbox, one that is not spam, and neither is it a bank statement, but rather, a heartfelt and written letter from a friend who is pouring out his or her feelings? It seems like forever, and most likely, you would also start to wonder what is this thing known as “stamps”, too. Having said that, here is a reminder that snail mail has a magical mark about it, and the ‘Snail Mail My Email‘ movement certainly embodies that experience.

First kicking off three years ago by artist Ivan Cash, Cash basically wrote letters from strangers which were initially sent in via email. As time passed and the project snowballed due to its uniqueness, needless to say it can no longer be a one-man operation, and before the campaign was over, Cash had already received more than 10,000 letters. Cash then received help from volunteers to send letters all over the world.

The spirit of the ‘Snail Mail My Email’ remains very much alive three years down the road, and from today onward, you will be able to send in your digital message, where the site will still convert your digital thoughts into a loving handwritten letter. For free, at least, until November 16th, 2014.

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