eangelThere are many different kinds of online services made available to the masses, but eAngel happens to be one of the more useful ones out there, where it will deliver human autocorrect straight to your Gmail outbox for a mere $5 monthly. How does eAngel work? Well, it will rely on a Chrome extension, which will see the inclusion of a second ‘send with eAngel’ option to your Gmail compose window.

Obviously, with humans having a far better grasp of the English language than computers with their algorithms, chances are your error riddled email is going to come out looking all the better at the end of it than to have it run through a spell checker that just checks for grammatical errors. I do wonder whether students might want to take up eAngel as another method of weeding out all of the mistakes from their work. Right now, eAngel is capable of checking your email’s spelling and grammar in English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew. Needless to say, using eAngel’s service would also mean that you would have to wait a little bit longer than usual to have someone vet through your email for mistakes, but as eAngel adds more staff to their lineup, review times are said to improve dramatically. Does this mean the $5 monthly fee will also increase?

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