Some might say that notebooks will be phased out in the future as long as improvements to the tablet market continue by leaps and bounds, as there might not be any need for a clamshell form factor any more if the tablet is able to cram in the necessary parts to rival any decent notebook. Well, take the idea of that one step further, and what do you get? Perhaps designer Jakub Záhoř hit the nail on the head with his vision of what the computer of the future looks like – you tote around just the CPU, and there is not even a single touchscreen display in sight. In fact, it will make use of an existing compatible surface (glass mostly) as the “monitor”, letting you interact with it using nothing but touch (and gestures, perhaps?).


To put it in a nutshell, find a glass surface and attach the central unit to it. Turn on the power, and the system will kick to life, being shown as an interactive hologram on the glass itself. This makes it a snap to project your favorite photos and to make impromptu presentations, but you can imagine the kind of capacity a battery requires to make sure it has decent battery life on-the-road, as current technology even for portable projectors has paltry battery life.

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