The HP Pre3 which has been on many a webOS lover’s radar will not be making its way to the Sprint network at the moment, although those who always want to hold out that last vestige of hope feel that this is not an absolute decree – as there isn’t any other evidence that officially confirms there won’t be a Pre3 on Sprint. Perhaps until now, as the good people over at This Is My Next claimed that their “trusted source” has just confirmed that the Pre3, in addition to any other webOS device, will not be making its way over to Sprint.

Of course, until something official from the folks at Sprint or HP crops up, we will leave this as just a rumor at this point in time. Do you really want to see the Pre3 appear on Sprint, or do you think that it will make its way to any other carrier?

Perhaps the previous bad experience of Palm and Sprint’s partnership might have resulted in a potential no-show for the Pre3, but then again we know that one ought to let bygones be bygones. What do you think? Will the Pre3 appear on Sprint or not?

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