Well it was only just yesterday that we reported about how a 15 year old kid in Sweden got into legal trouble for downloading movies. He’s not the first and he will probably not be the last, but there seems to be an increasing rate of filesharing websites being banned in certain countries (such as Malaysia who has blocked the Pirate Bay website) due to the abuse by users who upload copyrighted files onto them. As it turns out, India has also recently started banning filesharing websites, and it seems that the Indian populace is none too happy about it.

It seems that movie distributor, Reliance BIG Pictures is behind the push for banning filesharing websites, which they claim causes piracy. This is also in conjunction with upcoming movie Singham that is going to be released, and we guess the movie company is trying to pre-empt any potential illegal downloads.

While no specific websites were mentioned, it appears that ISPs played it safe by issuing a blanket ban on all filesharing websites, which was a pretty nasty shock for users when they attempted to log into Megaupload, RapidShare, MediaFire and etc, and were greeted by the picture above. It seems that some ISPs have lifted the ban, although it’s not certain whether the lift is temporary or will we be seeing the ban again. Do you guys think that it will hit the US too?

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