Over the weekend at the San Diego Yacht and Boat Show, the folks over at Fox 5 were taping a video demonstration of the water-powered jet pack, the JetLev in action. In case you didn’t know what the JetLev is, it is a jet pack that makes use of water propulsion technology to send its users into the sky. It is made of a fuel tank that is strapped to the user, and a large hose for drawing water, and keeping the user tethered to the “ground”.


In the video demonstration, hilarity ensued when after saying “And it starts right now!” the demonstrator activated his jet pack and flew forward into the water, knocking the anchorman in the process. I guess JetLev were actually serious about the “Dock takeoff and landing are high risk maneuvers. Expert training required.” warning messages in its promo video of the product. At least the demonstrator redeemed himself by flying around properly after the initial crash take off. Hit the break to watch the video clip of the Fox 5 News recording:

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