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Best News Aggregators
Following individual news sites to get your daily news fix is a tiresome activity. You can not visit each news site separately to get the latest news on different topics of interest. However, you can use news aggregators to bring all the current news from multiple channels into a single dashboard. Here are some of the best news aggregators you can use to connect all your news channels and curate […]

Man Wields Samurai Sword At Fifth Avenue Apple Store
Who would have thought that there would be a samurai sword-wielding person at an Apple Store? After all, we geeks as well as Apple fans are peaceful folks, and would generally run away from something like a sword, especially when you consider how samurai swords have a legendary reputation when it comes to their sharpness – although if it were a lightsaber, our perception would probably change. Well, the unthinkable […]

Spanish Publishers Miss Google News
Relationships are a very complicated thing – it seems that the old school media over in Spain, namely the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association (AEDE), intends to talk to the Spanish government to have Google News be made available over in Spain again – this coming just a hours after Google decided to make the move to shut down its News service. The reason behind Google doing so is to avoid […]

Google News To Shutter Its Doors In Spain
“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”, but in the case of Google over in Spain, the rain has definitely caused plenty of misery to Google News in that European nation. Basically, the news indexing and search service in that part of the world will be shut down – and this has been attributed to a copyright law that was passed not too long ago over in Spain.


Australian TV Anchor Goofs Up As Technology Fails Her
Watch the YouTube video above and sympathize with new anchor Helen Kapalos, who thought that everything would run just fine that particular day, but as technology failed her, her tongue (and of course, brain) also did not manage to pull the situation together, as she ran out of things to say. It felt almost unreal, really. Those who watched the “Today Tonight” show on Channel 7 in Australia would have […]

JetLev demonstrated on TV: almost knocks reporter over
Over the weekend at the San Diego Yacht and Boat Show, the folks over at Fox 5 were taping a video demonstration of the water-powered jet pack, the JetLev in action. In case you didn’t know what the JetLev is, it is a jet pack that makes use of water propulsion technology to send its users into the sky. It is made of a fuel tank that is strapped to […]

Anonymous Hacker Group Demands Federal Reserve Chairman Resignation, Or Else...
Over the past few months, you have certainly heard your share of “hacking” and other cyber-attack news. Most of the time, cyber-attacks are either done for nuisance or theft. This time, the “Anonymous” group of hackers is demanding that Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman steps down.Anonymous says that on June 14th (tomorrow), it will start its action called: “operation Empire State rebellion”.” The operation will commence on June 14th…Operation […]

BlackBerry News for the BlackBerry PlayBook released
It looks like RIM really is serious about getting apps out for their recently released tablet. The company has just announced the release of a new app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Called BlackBerry News, it functions as its namesake – letting people access all their favorite news sites, blogs and popular sites that use syndicated content so that all subscribed content can be accessed in one place. As long as […]

Google News brings "News near you" on your mobile phone
Everybody loves reading the news, but sometimes people just aren’t concerned about things that aren’t happening around them. Well, Google understands this and has introduced a new feature for Google News users to get more localized, personalized content on their mobile phones.The company has introduced the “News near you” feature for their mobile Google News website. Using your phone’s location data and analysis of the latest news stories, Google can […]

Bloomberg releases Businessweek+ magazine app on iPad
While publishers are busy fighting for a better incentive when selling magazine subscriptions though iTunes on the iPad, Bloomberg has decided to go ahead and release an official magazine app anyway. Called Bloomberg Businessweek+, this app isn’t designed to take on The Daily; rather, it is just another magazine for users to get their business news updates. The app is free, and as an introduction, the first issue will only […]