Want to own one of those exotic machines known as a Porsche so that you can impress all your friends while snagging a trophy girlfriend in the process? The world does not work that way for most people though, and if you want to drive one of these, you can either work hard and wait for the opportunity to arrive, or to rent one. Sheepo has decided to take the pro-active approach by building one from scratch – using LEGO bricks, of course. Sheepo’s LEGO Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet was constructed using nearly 3,500 parts. It isn’t that heavy as the real deal (and neither is it that fast), tipping the scales at more than 8lbs. while being powered by 8 electric motors.

What makes this special is, it boasts actual locking doors, an emergency hand brake just in case, a 7-speed gearbox that has reverse capability as well, an even better is this – a retractable hard-top roof and spoiler. The video in the extended post will certainly have you salivating. This is one labor of love that will earn the admiration of many.

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