Morita’s Fire Fighting Concept is the winner of the 2011 IDEA Gold Award, which is actually the highest possible award when it comes to the Commercial and Industrial Products category. Just what is their Fire Fighting Concept? Well, it is a vehicle that was conceived to fight forest fires, and this future prototype fire truck intends to do away with the many problems which are part of fighting large-scale forest fires at the moment.


When you go up against an enemy like a forest fire, communication is vital as forest fires are able to change direction at any moment no thanks to weather and forest conditions. Having said that, being outfitted with all the advanced data and telecommunication functions to serve as a local communications base as well as with the ability to navigate through rough roads and fight fires while on the move would be crucial. Not only that, this concept fire fighter will comes with a compressed air foam system (CAFS) that was developed by Morita, as water is hard to come by in remote places. With CAFS, it needs only a small amount of water for superior fire extinguishing capability.

Now to transform the concept into reality…[Press Release]

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