Keyless Home EntryGoing home in a hurry or have your hands full of grocery bags? Don’t you just hate the part where you have to get out your keys to unlock the door in order to get in the house? Well, thanks to Phantom Smart Home’s new Keyless Home Entry system – you won’t have to anymore. The company has just announced the release of this new lock system that allows you to spice up your regular door by making it unlockable with your phone.

It makes use of Bluetooth technology to authenticate the person at the door before letting him/her in. Users set up the lock to recognize their phones before they leave the house, so when they get back (the phone’s Bluetooth has to be switched on), it will unlock the door as they approach. While this auto unlocking mechanism won’t bode well when you’re being held at knifepoint and you’re trying to buy time by fumbling with your keys but in most cases, this added convenience would be more welcome than not.

In the event you lose your phone, you’ll just need to re-pair it with your new phone, so you won’t have to deal with the hassles of replacing your locks just in case the person with your old phone finds your house. If your phone runs out of battery or there is a power outage, fortunately you’ll be able to unlock it with a regular key. Just remember to keep it with you at all times. The Keyless Home Entry system is available now for $249.99. Find out more.

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