You might think that at the moment, Apple has nothing to fear about in terms of making money – but history has shown time and again that a fall is inevitable, ranging from corporations to empires, as it is just a matter of time. Apple’s time at the top, however, seem set to be prolonged for quite a while more, but that does not mean Apple’s rivals aren’t working hard to catch up and even overtake the fruity company from Cupertino. Samsung has been said to overcome Nokia and Apple in terms of smartphone sales in the second quarter of the year, thanks to the popularity of Android-based models.

It is said that Samsung sold around 21 million smartphones worldwide, while in the same period of time saw Nokia shift 16.7 million units with Apple also coming up short at 20.3 million iPhones.

It is going to be an exciting time ahead for everyone in the industry, and I look forward to see just what kind of punches smartphone manufacturers will throw at one another, and end users should be the ones who win in the end as they benefit from all the technological advancements.

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