When it comes to design, often the young (in terms of experience) in any industry have far whackier ideas that might seem to crazy to work – although sometimes they do, but what such ideas bring to the table is creativity that needs to be carefully nurtured and harnessed. We would say that Eyal Melnick, an industrial design student in Tel Aviv, Israel, with his Shavit e-bike concept, might just make it big – if physics and engineering principles agree during the manufacturing process, of course.


This bike is a chameleon of sorts, since it will adapt itself to different situations. Starting off with a “touring” setup, you get seat and handlebars about flush with one another, although when you opt to change to the “sport” setup, the seat will be raised – and the same applies to the footpegs. As for the handlebars, those will be lowered so that you end up with a far more aerodynamic shape to help you zip along and cut through the wind like a knife through hot butter.

Can’t wait for 2020 when technology might make such ideas possible…

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