If you happen to have some time on your hands later this weekend (or during the subsequent weekends) and love using them for some holistic pursuits, how about the Solder : Time watch? Yes sir, this is a DIY timepiece that debuted at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, where it is a ‘wearable’ kit so-to-speak. You basically solder your own watch together as the name implies, and for those who feel that they prefer to take the ready-made route, don’t reach for the credit card just yet and purchase a Rolex – there is an assembled version available as well, although you can’t take pride and tell admirers of your timepiece that you soldered this puppy yourself.

According to the manufacturer, “We developed a special algorithm for uniformly lighting the display as bright as possible but where it is only lit for a few seconds each time the button is pressed. The result is amazing battery life for the included CR2032 battery.”

Heck, instead of wearing it around your wrist, you can also clip it to your clothes, computer bag, or just about anywhere else that is compatible. To turn it into a desk clock, activate the ‘always on’ function and you’re good to go.

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