Yougetitback Mobile SuperheroAs of now there are countless numbers of apps that help users deal with the problem of lost or stolen phones. It’s time to add one more to the list with an offering from Ireland called Mobile Superhero from Yougetitback. Available as a premium service for $28 (19.99 EUR) a year or $2.8 (1.99 EUR) a month, Yougetitback Mobile Superhero is designed to keep all data on your phone out of reach of other people.

Working even if the SIM card of the phone is changed, Mobile Superhero can track your phone using GPS, WiFi, cell tower tracking as well as other features. Using the service, users can remotely lock their phones, make it “scream” to attract attention, backup your contacts for easy restoration when you get your phone back after and you find that they’ve been deleted, and it can even display messages on the screen to act as a deterrent to thieves or to give information to people who find the phone.

Yougetitback Mobile Superhero is available for most Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. With so many different choices available for keeping your phones protected, no smartphone user should ever be caught off guard with an unprotected device anymore. Find out more at Yougetitback’s website.

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