If you’re a film student, critic, or just someone who loves watching movies, you can’t help but make comparisons of shows you’ve recently seen with other films you’ve seen before – especially if they are remakes or sequels. What about if you’re looking for a movie to watch and want a general idea of what it’s about without having to read through any synopses so you don’t spoil the story? Well, a graphic designer and creative coder named Frederic Brodbeck has come up with the perfect tool to make these comparisons much easier to do.


Called Cinemetrics, this program will allow users to find out what a movie is about just by looking at a visual representation of it. Each movie will have pie chart that’s divided into sections to show users what each part of the movie is like. Just by having a quick glance at the graphic, users will know if they’re in for a thrilling action movie, or a dark, somber, serious story. They can even tell how long or short a movie is, just by looking at the size of the pie chart.

By making movies so easy to analyze at a glance, Cinemetrics will make movie comparisons extremely easy to perform, which in turn will lead to people having an easier time looking for movies of a similar style/genre just by comparing the charts. Definitely a great idea, especially for movie buffs. Watch the video demonstration on how Cinemetrics works:

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