Ever wonder how your favorite song would sound like if it was painted? Shipsi and Reynsi behind the Instrumenti music project from Riga, Latvia, have come up with a pretty interesting method of painting a song/album cover artwork through the combination of paint and a set of speakers.


For those who have seen speakers without the front grill may have probably noticed that when the volume has been cranked, the speaker membranes will vibrate more obviously. It is through those vibrations that helped Shipsi and Reynsi realize their creation, by pouring paint onto the vibrating membranes.

Since there are loud and soft parts in a song, the intensity and frequency of the vibrations keep changing many times within the song itself, which means the paint that has been “blasted” off the membranes will travel at different velocities and intensity, thus creating a piece of art that is unique to the particular song. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Making of TRU. Vol. 1. from Instrumenti on Vimeo.

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