Diablo 3 is one of those much anticipated games, and with the release of the highly successful Diablo 2 being slightly over a decade ago, naturally its successor is due for a release, but as to when, that remains to be seen.


The good news is that at Gamescom today, Blizzard’s game director Jay Wilson came out and said that the beta for Diablo 3 will hit by September, with hopes that it could be even sooner. He was also pressed for details as to when the game would be seeing a release and all he could say was “When it’s ready.”

Blizzard has been notorious for taking their time with their games, with Starcraft players who had to wait for over a decade for Starcraft II. However its these delays that have allowed Blizzard to push out games that are top quality and have earned the company a huge loyal following despite the fact that they are probably best known for their three major game franchises – Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft.

Ever since more features of Diablo 3 have been rolling out, players have started anticipating a 2011 release of the game, hopefully in time for the holiday season. So let’s hope that the beta goes well and that we will be seeing Diablo 3 wrapped up under our tree for Christmas.

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