Ben Heck, the extra-ordinary modder who has come up with numerous modifications of gaming consoles (portable or otherwise), recently deconstructed and reconfigured the stock Xbox 360 controller into split controllers on his “The Ben Heck Show”. Yes sir, the whole reason behind this? Split controllers are said to increase accessibility and mobility for individuals who live with physical disabilities. Now that’s a big hearted man for you – why should only able-bodied people be able to enjoy the latest and greatest games?

According to Ben, “I get a lot of requests from viewers who have a limited range of motion asking me to split standard controllers in half or downsize a controller so it fits in one hand. As an avid gamer, I am honored to be able to showcase how implementing the modder mindset can level the playing field, so to speak, and transform a difficult gaming experience into an accessible good time. Game on!”

Mobility during game play is increased thanks to clever use of a ribbon cable as well as a replicated version of the original circuit board in order to synchronize a full-size, left hand controller alongside a half-size, right hand controller. This is clearly innovation in motion, and we do wonder whether hardware manufacturers don’t mind losing some money to come up with limited quantities of such controllers just for a select few. [Press Release]

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