While the majority of smartphones come with native email applications that allow us to check our emails from a variety of services, i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Live!, etc, there are some users out there who prefer keeping things simple and check everything from their browser. Much like how Twitter now has a HTML5 web-based app for their social networking services, it looks like Gmail has decided hop aboard the bandwagon as well by introducing an updated version of Gmail Mobile.

When we’re surfing the web on our tablets or smartphones and we get an email, the last thing we want to do is interrupt our web browsing session by swapping over to our email app. Usually we do not have much of a choice due to the fact that certain email services are not optimized to be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, but thanks to Gmail Mobile’s update, users should be able to get an app experience from the browser itself.

The interface looks more like an app now and features the “pull down to refresh” feature that can be found in many apps. It also features sharper looking icons as well as new transitions when opening up your email.

The updates have actually been rolling out rather quietly over the past couple of weeks, but in case you are not in the habit of checking your email through your smartphone or tablet’s web browser, perhaps it’s time to go give it a spin and let us know which do you prefer!

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