webOS Quick Office

Despite’s HP’s plans to terminate webOS devices, it looks like not all hope is lost for consumers who own those devices. One of the tablet’s main problems at launch was its inability to edit documents from the tablet itself. Despite the fact that most people use their tablets for content consumption and not creation, a lot of consumers felt that the ability to edit documents on the go was a feature lacking from the device. Well the good news is that the tablet won’t remain this way for long.

The folks over at webOSroundup spotted a tweet from the VP of Developer Relations for webOS, Richard Kerris, stating that “the latest update for QO [Quick Office]. This Week.” The latest update for QuickOffice on the TouchPad is said to be introducing editing features to the tablet. This means that users will be able to modify as well as read their documents and spreadsheets on the go sometime this week.

With the TouchPad’s latest price cut, the addition of document editing on the tablet adds a lot of value to the $99 webOS tablet, and also one more reason to buy the tablet if you’re still thinking about it. No word on whether this QuickOffice will be for webOS phones though, so those of you with webOS phones keep your fingers crossed.

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