HTC MazaaThe HTC Mazaa was originally leaked earlier this year, and it looks like it has resurfaced again, this time as a Windows Phone 7.5 device that’s on Sprint’s network. The phone was given away by Microsoft as part of the recent WPAppItUp competition for app developers. Seeing how it’s been given away to developers, it looks like it won’t be sold commercially but that’s not a problem since it’s not much different from other HTC WP7 devices right now, in fact it looks like the HTC Trophy.

The HTC Mazaa doesn’t offer anything new in terms of hardware (no front facing camera, massive display etc) but developers who managed to win the phone at the competition have reported that the phone is much faster than other WP7 phones. The speed improvements are probably due to optimizations that Microsoft has been working on for Mango, which is great news for WP7 users. Still no updates on when the Mango update will be released, but the availability of Mango developer devices can only mean it shouldn’t be too long now.

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