The HTC Mazaa does not look as though it will ever hit the mass market for reasons that HTC only knows, but it seems as though this is a souped up version of the HTC Trophy. Interestingly enough, this smartphone was the giveaway prize in at least two of Microsoft developer contests, but at least it is a benchmark of what is to come with the next generation of Windows Phone 7 Mango devices.

It seems as though the HTC Mazaa has proven itself to be quite the solid performer, thanks to an Adreno 205 GPU inside, where the Mazaa hit 50 FPS in benchmark tests. In comparison, the HTC HD7 only managed 23 FPS, when running on an earlier build of Mango. The tests had the HTC Mazaa running Mango build 7720, while the HD7 was running build 7712. Of course, the build version does play a role as well in the final result, so maybe the gap in FPS might be shortened for the HD7 down the road with an updated version.

We also know that the HTC Mazaa ships with a CDMA/GSM dual band radio, meaning on paper if HTC ever decides to release it to the public, you can get it from over Verizon Wireless or Sprint. If this is an indicator of what’s to come from Windows Phone 7 Mango devices, bring it on!

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