It’s amazing how the human body works, and how our muscles adapt to the situation in such slight and subtle ways that we don’t even notice. Now imagine if there was a motorcycle that was inspired by the human muscles in the way it rides, and that would be designer’s Min Seong Kim’s Hyundai Concept Motorcycle.


Technically it not by Hyundai, and there have been no indications that suggest the South Korean car manufacturer has any interest in actually bringing this concept into reality, although if they did, based on the rendering alone, it would make a pretty sweet looking ride in real life.

Based on the renderings alone, the bike has been designed to be aerodynamic, with the curved cage and sloped front of the bike, not forgetting the fat tires which we’re assuming will aid in cornering and overall balance of the bike. What makes this concept more interesting, apart from its design, is what we’ve mentioned at the start, and that the bike has been inspired by the human muscles.

Min Seong Kim has imagined the bike to be made out of a malleable material that will react to the situation accordingly, for example the bike will “relax” when making corners, making handling a breeze. While accelerating the bike will stiffen up, adding more control and stability. Personally I would buy this bike based on the design alone.

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