Gone are the days when we men take our annual baths – you have metrosexuals like David Beckham kicking off a whole new line of men’s care products, that you might end up spending more than your wife on these in order to look your best always! Well, apart from all the lotions and creams that you use, how about taking a nice shower after a long, hard day at work? The Medical Shower concept intends to deliver a soothing, refreshing and herbal shower experience.


How does it do that? The device itself comprises of a specially designed shower head which will enable you to add a small amount of herbs into a sachet that is not too different from that of a teabag. This sachet will be placed into the device’s centre, where it will function as a filter of sorts so that the water will be infused with whatever purported medicinal and healing properties of the herbs.

Seems to be the quick solution in this fast paced world to get a relaxing and soothing bath treatment via a shower, no?

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