You know that Microsoft’s foray into the video game console market all those years ago with the original Xbox certainly brought about a renewal, taking over the old vanguard of Sega. Well, time has passed and Microsoft has yet to crack into the Japanese market with their Xbox 360, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t successful in its own home ground – the US. Microsoft wants to take their gaming experience to a different level with Games Hub, where they introduced a bunch of features to it that will be available on the Windows Phone platform, coupled with an announcement for 14 new Xbox Live titles.

Avatar Awardables has just been announced, where they comprise of virtual badges which represent gaming achievements. Basically, the more you manage to win, the more your avatar will be decorated, rolling back to the years when I had plenty of fun playing X-Wing and TIE Fighter to collect all those achievements.

Microsoft has also introduced Game Add-ons, which are more or less in-app purchases that will cater for games so that you can pick up newer and better weapons or levels, reiterating the fact that this is a fast track society where you can buy your way to superior armory, although not neccesarily the top.

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