If you’re living in Grand Prairie, Texas, or plan on visiting, police are warning those in the area to keep an eye out for a scam involving Apple’s iPad. Given the popular nature of the iPad 2, it’s really no surprise that there would be scams involving the tablet, although we think that with this scam it’s kind of a no-brainer that you would be able to avoid it.


If you’re visiting a convenient store or are in the shopping mall’s carpark, when a car pulls up and a group of guys asks if you’re interested in buying an iPad 2, you should definitely say no. Apparently the “iPad 2s” are looseleaf notebooks or pieces of wood with the Apple logo on top and wrapped in bubble wrap, which we’re guessing is to further obscure it from sight.

They will be packed in a Fed Ex or Best Buy box and sealed up with tape, so by the time you get it open the scammers will be long gone with your money, and you’re left with a piece of wood or a looseleaf notebook, which is probably a lot more useful than a piece of wood.

It has been reported that the scammers are charging $300 for one iPad, and if you buy two they will give you a “discount” at $500. Needless to say these sorts of scams are no-brainers but we guess given the popularity and the fact that iPad 2s have had a hard time remaining in stock, some people were desperate and would have resorted to just about anything.

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