The Pulse Sensor is a plug-and-play ready component which will hook up to the Arduino platform, making it a portable, wearable heart rate sensor which will be able to open up a doorway of possibilities if one wants to incorporate biometric data into wearable electronic designs. This is made possible because of it’s extremely small form factor. Joel Murphy and Yury Gitman are creators of the Pulse Sensor, and they think that their idea is good enough to receive donations from the public after setting up a Kickstarter account.

The Pulse Sensor will function in a similar vein as that of an optical heart-rate pulse sensor, where it is capable of picking up the blood flow rate with its preferred place being on a ear lobe or finger tip courtesy of a photodiode. It will not be able to deliver medical grade accuracy but is still highly reliable when used on its own.

Measuring 0.5″ in diameter, it does resemble a piece of jewelry with a couple of holes available so that you can sew the button shaped Pulse Sensor to the fabric. Anyone wants to support the materialization of the Pulse Sensor?

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