When the name R2-D2 or Star Wars is mentioned, the image of space, adventure, an epic battle and lightsabers come to mind, so while the R2-D2 Planetarium will not be able to provide you any adventure, epic battles or lightsabers, it will be able to provide with you space, or at the very least a projected image of space.

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, the R2-D2 Planetarium will be able to run for 3 hours continuously, projecting an area roughly 1.5-2.3m (4.9-7.5 ft) in size. It also stands about 8” in height and will be able to project about 10,000 stars onto your ceiling, or so they claim (who’s counting?).

If you’re wondering what on earth is that extra big star in the picture above, it’s not a star, well not technically at least. It’s actually a projected image of the Death Star, right in your own bedroom! Almost makes you feel like you’re living in the Star Wars universe, doesn’t it?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the R2-D2 Planetarium, just head on down to Japan Trend Shop and pre-order it today for $88.

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