The Nintendo Wii certainly introduced a new way of playing your favorite video games – through the manic waving of your Wiimote in Wii Boxing, or carefully lining up that tee shot in Wii Golf. Well, the video game controller is no longer what it used to be, with some games using your body to slice virtual fruits that fly across the screen – and the Roku Game Remote brings forward a new level of technical sophistication as it is bundled with every Roku 2 XS.

Expect the Roku Game Remote to carry an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope which will deliver precise motion sensing, and the first title to take advantage of this new and “innovative” method of enjoying casual games? None other than Angry Birds, of course. All you need to do is move your wrist and press the OK button in order to annihilate those snickering pigs, sans sensor bar, yo!

It will also include Bluetooth connectivity where you need not worry about the problem of line of sight any more, although you would be well advised to remain within the sphere of the Bluetooth “bubble” which normally maxes out at 10 meters. The Roku Game Remote will ship with a 2GB microSD memory card and a free copy of Angry Birds for a mere $29. Any takers?

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