bada 2.0

While bada might not be the biggest deal over in this part of the world, it does have its place in the European and Asian market. Samsung has just announced the SDK for the latest version of the operating system. First shown off at MWC 2011 in February this year, the updated SDK takes advantage of a lot of new features and improvements that are introduced in bada 2.0.

bada 2.0 brings multi-tasking, WiFi Direct, NFC (Near Field Communication) support and voice recognition. It also features improved support for Flash and HTML5 for a better internet experience. This is also good news for developers of web apps – they’ll have an easier time making their apps run on the phone now. Developers also get to use In-app Ads so they won’t have to rely on making paid apps to earn money – advertising works too. A new Emulator and a Profiler also makes things easier for developers.

bada 2.0 will be released later this year, launched with three new Wave smartphones. Maybe this time they’ll cross the ocean and land in our stores. After all, with webOS exiting the market, there’s room for a new player. Find out more at the bada developer site.

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