Who would have thought that you are able to get a tan without even having to go out to the open during the summer? How about saving even more space at home without having to install a sunbed? All of that is possible now – and in the immediate future as well, where scientists have managed to come up with a revolutionary method that stimulates skin pigment production through a simple implant.

This implant will find its home right under your skin, where it will deliver a three-month tan without having to use sunbeds. Being no larger than a single grain of rice, this particular implant will stimulate the production of melanin, which is the naturally occurring pigment that controls the skin’s color, alongside the amount of UV radiation that is absorbed.

Releasing the right kind of chemicals will allow the skin to become darker, making it look as though you picked up a healthy bronzed tan during your latest summer holiday trip to the equator. Experts feel that it might end up being more profitable in the beauty industry than anywhere else, although there are health applications to it.

I remain skeptical of this device, as it has yet to be duly tested, and what are the long term effects of it? That’s pretty hard to tell, and we don’t know whether it might increase the risk of cancer in the long run or not.

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