The next time you turn on the tap in your home with wanton abandon, think again of the rest of the world and folks who do not have enough clean water to drink. Well, we’re pleased to say that rural communities in Madagascar have a chance at a better quality of life now, especially when they are on the receiving end of safe access drinking water and electricity thanks to a solar power project.


We’re talking about solar powered pumps here, where similar models have already been installed in various parts of Zambia so that farmers will be able to irrigate land which otherwise had been unable to produce crops thus far. Training among the local communities in Madagascar have already happened, so that the solar pumps are worked at the optimal level, and repairs can be made in case problems occur.

Access to clean water ought to be made mandatory for all humans, since contaminated water has been far too often resulted in outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, even more so when a natural disaster such as earthquakes and landslides strike.

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