Safe to say the majority of us have been guilty of using our phones while driving, admit it, there were probably occasions when you have received a particular important phone call or text message which required immediate attention despite the fact that you were driving. Don’t worry because you’re not alone, in fact there’s even an accessory that will help you do that! Wait, that didn’t sound right.

According to the creators of the Steer Safe accessory, its in compliance with the laws of the Department of Transportation which I guess makes it legal to be used while driving? To expand a bit on the details of the Steer Safe, it’s an accessory for your phone and it should be compatible with just about any phone. It hooks onto the top part of your steering wheel and even supports landscape mode.

The idea behind it is for those times when you need to check your phone while driving, i.e. when using your phone as a GPS, or need quick access to you phone to activate the loudspeaker or reject a call. It probably wasn’t designed for a quick game of Angry Birds while driving.

The good/bad news is that it’s not yet in production as it is still a Kickstarter project. Its creators are aiming for a backing of $20,000 before it kicks off and so far they’re about $3,085 in. If you’re interested in giving them a helping hand, a contribution of $25 will net you the Steer Safe if and when it goes into production. Just head on down to its Kickstarter page for more information.

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