The HP TouchPad has been selling like hotcakes ever since the company announced a massive price cut for it, and there were plans afoot to roll out TouchDroid – which is an Android version meant to run on the HP TouchPad and continue where the webOS failed to take off. It seems that this particular project has hit a snag, no thanks to an alleged misrepresentation by one of the group’s members as well as the possible abuse of donations that were channeled by willing parties for the project’s projected success.

According to project leader Thomas Sohmers, he informed news media that one team member actually used donations to purchase TouchPads, which he then sold off for a profit. Sohmers also continued that said person made use of his background and deleted the TouchDroid Twitter account when questions started to arise on this apparent misuse of funds.

Not only that, whispers abound that said team member also deleted several critical development files in the process, but of course, with one innocent until proven guilty, said unnamed team member has denied the accusations vehemently. Sohmers did drop hints that he will continue the TouchDroid project with just a bunch of the original team members.

It does beg the question, however, why would anyone want to purchase a more expensive TouchPad from the open market when you can pick one up from a legit channel at $99?

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