Laws need to be updated to get along with the times, and copyright laws certainly need a revamp in the digital age. The UK government takes a large step forward by combing through their 300-year-old legal in order to come up with something that will keep up with the times where using copyrighted works is concerned. Part of the plan would mean modifying the laws in order to legalize ‘ripping’ of CDs and DVDs that are owned by UK citizens. Strangely enough, it had been considered illegal even until now, so this development is clearly welcomed (and it makes much more sense, too).

On a side note, government officials have also mentioned that they decided to scrap earlier announced plans that intends to block copyright-infringing sites. Glad that they saw some sense in this, as UK regulator Ofcom has deemed such blocking efforts to be “unworkable,” touting attempts like it to be unfeasible and cumbersome. The idea has yet to be thrown out of the window completely though, but it might mean looking out for a different method of website blocking.

Well, get ripping already without a tinge of guilt on your soul – how about it?

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