Yahoo! Image Search

Great news for those of you who use Yahoo! for your searching needs. The search engine has just announced a revamp to its image search. The new image search results page sports a neatly tiled look with each image equally sized. Placing your mouse over the image will make it larger so you get a better look at it.

The image search also has category tabs for you to better filter your results. The first one will be Top Images, which of course show you the images that best match your search criteria. Then there’s the Latest tab which appears only if you’ve been searching for something that’s trending recently. Galleries will give you search results from photo galleries like Yahoo! News, Flickr and OMG. Facebook – if you choose to connect your account with Yahoo! Image Search will search through all the photographs from your albums and those of your friends, using names, album names, and album descriptions.

And now, when you click on an image, it pops up in a new window with buttons for you to scroll left and right – no more having to go back and forth between pages just to jump to the next result. The updated Image Search is live now on Yahoo! so try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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