Don’t like the idea that insecticides are being used to grow the food that you eat? Well assuming farmers hop on board AgriSolar’s system, the majority of your food in the future could be insecticide free, although we can’t guarantee that other chemicals won’t make it into the mix.

AgriSolar’s system is, as the name implies, a solar-based system which can be used to attract, disorientate and ultimately kill insects. Before you think that the system uses power from the sun to directly kill the insects flying around the crops, it doesn’t as it instead uses a bulb to attract and disorientate the insects. The bulb is powered by solar energy, which turns on at dusk, and it attracts the insects, and after disorientating them, they will fall into a water-filled collection bin, as pictured above.

It’s not a very complex set up and according to AgriSolar’s CFO, Arnold Tinter, the cost for two bulbs will cost anywhere between $1,000-$1,200 which is apparently comparable to the cost of deploying chemical insecticides. While we can’t speak for the efficiency of AgriSolar’s system, we do like the idea of insecticide free produce.

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