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LightBug Solar Powered GPS Tag
There are plenty of trackers already available in the market today. For the most part they tend to rely on Bluetooth in order to detect where the tracker is and when it might go out of range. However once it’s out of range, some trackers basically stop tracking and it’s really anyone’s guess as to where it might have gone.This is a problem the LightBug wants to solve. The LightBug […]

Solar Impulse's Record Breaking Solar Powered Flight Lands In Hawaii
We’ve been following Solar Impulse since 2010 when the HB-SIA solar powered plane was being put through various tests to ensure that it could survive an “around the world” trip of sorts only on solar power. In 2011 the plane took off for its first international flight from Switzerland to Belgium and became the start of an epic journey that spans continents. Its record breaking solar flight from Japan to Hawaii landed […]

Solar-Powered Jet Ski Created To Help Lifeguards Save Lives
If you’re planning on riding a jet ski, chances are that it’s going to be a sunny day, which is why we don’t understand why nobody would create a solar-powered jet ski, especially since they tend to guzzle up gas at an exceptionally high rate. British designer Ross Kemp has come up with an alternative vehicle to jet skis and powered surfboards that runs on the power of the sun.

Changers uses solar power to juice up your device
Solar power is definitely something that companies ought to figure out how to harness to its maximum ability – after all, it is free and pretty consistent, depending on which part of the globe you’re residing at. Changers’ latest solar powered gadget-charging system was specially designed to deliver juice to your USB devices via a simply one-button device. It does not matter whether you’re rocking to an iDevice, e-book reader […]


AgriSolar's solar-powered alternative to insecticides
Don’t like the idea that insecticides are being used to grow the food that you eat? Well assuming farmers hop on board AgriSolar’s system, the majority of your food in the future could be insecticide free, although we can’t guarantee that other chemicals won’t make it into the mix.

Elektra One debuts at long last
The Elektra One has finally debuted – a few months after we talked about it. Back in March, we did not have that many details about the Elektra One, but time has certainly changed the situation as you will now be able to check out just what this solar-powered airplane is capable off. SolarWorld is behind the solar panels on the Elektra One, while German business partner PC Aero completes […]

NASA's Juno space exploring robot is solar-powered
NASA might be done with the Space Shuttle, but that doesn’t mean the national space agency has given up on exploring those orbs we call planets that lie yonder. No sir, they in fact have a mission to Jupiter down the road, sending a solar-powered, windmill-shaped spacecraft known as Juno – making it the most distant probe to date that receives its electrical sustenance from the glowing ball of fire […]

Solar energy to power toilets in Dubai
Going green is the new black and Dubai, one of the cities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has been doing a good job of late in promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle of late. The latest additions to the city’s lineup of green projects are solar-powered toilets. According to reports, Dubai will soon be using solar power to juice up the fluorescent lights, exhaust fans and small water pumps used in […]

Panasonic’s portable solar light doubles as a USB charger
Talk about getting more than what you’ve bargained for, Panasonic has announced today the BG-BL01, which is a solar-powered LED light that can also double up as a charger for USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets or MP3 players for example.

Solar-powered and wireless eye sensor is super small
Don’t you just love the wonders of miniaturization? That’s exactly what happened with this solar-powered eye sensor that is also wireless to boot – measuring the size of a cubic millimeter. Built specially for glaucoma patients (and we do hope that the pioneering technology found inside will be able to be implemented into other cooler designs down the road), the device is capable of taking in measurements every 15 minutes, […]

Solar-powered Christmas trees give you that warm and fuzzy feeling
With the state of California aiming to make 20% of their energy come from green and renewable sources, it works out great that Purdy Farm Christmas trees from San Diego are lit up using nothing but solar power, making it the world’s first in the process. Stellar Solar’s Mobile Solar Station has been contracted to help provide juice to the Purdy Farm Christmas tree lots in Del Mar, Carlsbad, and […]

StarHub deploys first solar-powered cellular BTS-enabled vehicle in Singapore
Singapore is an extremely well-managed city state, and the country has grown to become one of the more prosperous nations around the world with everything running like clockwork there. Well, being small also means easy to manage, which is where StarHub, one of the major mobile carriers there, has deployed their first solar-powered cellular BTS-enabled vehicle. Also known as the Mobile ‘Greenergy’ vehicle, this van will offer temporary coverage in […]

LG HBM-810 Bluetooth headset loves sunbathing
Exposing electronics to direct sunlight might not be what the manufacturer ordered, but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. Case in point, the LG HBM-810 Bluetooth headset that features a solar-powered charging cradle. While the headset itself was specially designed to be lightweight and boasts a couple of microphones, it will also feature noise reduction, echo cancellation, and up to 5 hours of talk time and 150 hours of […]

Solar-powered Wunda Weeder cuts greens with green power
The Wunda Weeder is a great invention, where Aussies Brendan Corry and Peter Sargent came up with a solar-powered machine which features an adjustable headrest that is suspended just above the crops they’re tending to. This is fully adjustable, making it play nice with a whole lot of crops, depending on what you would like to grow at that point in time. The electric motors will harness its juice from […]