We do know that Rovio did compare their Angry Birds phenomenon to Nintendo’s Mario, claiming to be the new Mario which will still be around a couple of decades from now. Well guess what, Rovio? I’m quite sure that Mario too will be there down the road to kick some avian asses – assuming that Angry Birds have actually lasted that long without being a passing fad.

Make hay while the sun shines, strike the iron when it is hot – so here we have a park in Changsa, China, that has been turned into an Angry Birds park; albeit an unofficial (read: fake) one. Yes sir, what was once a standard recreational park has been transformed into a real life version of Angry Birds, where you fire plush birds in the direction of our green porcine friends using a real slingshot, and to make more money off the masses, there will be replica Angry Birds dolls sold in addition to cut-out standees for photo taking opportunities.

I wonder how long (or rather, soon) it will be before Rovio’s lawyers come knocking on the park management’s doors to cease-and-desist request. I guess Rovio will now find ways to incorporate such an idea worldwide to boost their revenue streams – what about you? It is a raw deal for the park operators though, as they, in a way, tested the waters on Rovio’s behalf.

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